Before You Visit

Who are we?

We believe that a relationship with God is a journey of being freed to love God and people and be loved by God and people without fear and shame. This relationship is wondrous, exciting, challenging and sometimes a bit disorienting. That journey starts in many ways, but a relationship with God will almost always involve walking into a gathering of others in relationship with God at some point. That experience should be full of love, acceptance, and grace that invites you to go farther in your journey with God.  The church’s role in the Mission of God is to walk with people in genuine relationships and community in God’s love and grace. We are a place of healing and hope. We create spaces of God’s grace and love into which ALL are welcome. We trust that in these spaces the Holy Spirit helps us to become aware of, and remove, the obstacles to loving and being loved in our lives. As we journey with God and each other our hurts will be healed, our hopes will be empowered, and our hearts will be transformed through God’s love and grace. Together, we seek out our sole significance and satisfaction from within our identity in Christ.


Don’t worry – you won’t have to wear one of these

What will happen during the gatherings?
The gathering begins around 10am and ends around Noon.

Our small gathering usually meets in the homes of our pastors. It is a friendly and relaxed space of grace in which we know you will feel welcome.

When you arrive, you will find us hanging out and chatting while having morning tea. Our hearts are open to anyone who comes so please feel comfortable and know that this space is safe for you to just be yourself.Our Weekly Gatherings are focused on building relationships in community as well as seeking understanding through Bible study and book discussions about Who God is, who we are, and what our active roles are individually and collectively in God’s mission to love all people and creation. ALL are welcome and embraced in our weekly gatherings.

Our Life Gatherings are in the arvo (around 4pm) on the first Sunday of the Month. Our Life Gatherings have music, a short message (10-20 minutes), prayer, and a shared meal afterwards (you do not need to bring anything – all the food is provided). Usually you will feel drawn into the message by something funny or a story reflecting the human struggle of the speaker.  When the pastor is speaking he is not trying to get you to do anything. He is just helping you understand how God’s love can work in today’s world. Just like all of our gatherings, our identity in God’s love and the mission of God’s love are the focuses and ALL are welcome and embraced at our Life Gatherings.

Our Fellowship Sundays are a fun way to take advantage of the fifth Sundays of the month that occur a few times a year. We spend these Sundays hanging out somewhere different and fun. Sometimes we have a barby on the beach or go to the Cricket or hang out in the park. The point is to spend time together enjoying life.

Check out What’s Happening to see our calendar of gatherings and events!

What should I wear?
We really don’t care too much about how you are dressed. We just want you to feel at home. You will find some folks with good clothes, men wearing ties and ladies wearing what they might be comfortable wearing to a nice restaurant. You will find others in much more casual clothes. Our pastors will be wearing jeans, slacks, or shorts with an open neck shirt or t-shirt. If they can do it so can you. If you want to wear what you would wear to the footy you will feel just as home in that.

You will not be asked to say anything.
We want to give you the chance to just quietly observe the whole thing without being forced to do something that might make you uncomfortable. Before and after the gathering there will be friendly people to talk to, but if you want to slip in and slip out without talking to someone we respect that right.

You will not be asked to financially contribute.
Most church services will include a point in the service where a collection plate, or similar are past and people are asked to give to the church.  We don’t do that. Persons who are committed to NewStart know how to contribute to its needs. We want you to feel loved and valued before you feel a desire to contribute.

You do not have to have a bible to attend.
We believe the Bible is one way God communicates His love to us and we consider a small portion of it every Sunday but the text being reviewed, but you do not need to bring a Bible in order to understand the discussion. If you have a “smart” phone there are a couple of free Bible apps you can download if you want an easy and affordable option for having access to a Bible. On the weeks that we are doing Bible studies and discussion we have plenty of Bibles available if you don’t have one.

If you have any more questions or concerns not addressed here please Contact Us. We are open to your questions and we believe that you will enjoy your time with us.