At NewStart RiverCity we believe that life is worth living and loving to the full as we journey along side of each other and our communities in their hopes, hurts, and hungers. We believe that God intended our lives to be rich and complete in relationships with God, people, and creation. The best relationships that we can have are the ones that journey with us toward that goal.

welcomeDoorTagFor us, church is really about the creation of a community where friendships develop and flourish. Church is meant to be a place of hope and healing. God’s love for us is the most compelling power in the universe and to discover that love is to discover the key to a wonderful life. Therefore we are focused on creating a safe place of grace in which people can be themselves, ask honest questions, struggle with possible answers, and find the freedom to love and be loved in their relationships without fear or shame.

NewStart is primarily about the journey of discovery and transformation that we call “life” and making the best of it together. Our journey takes place on the north side of Brisbane, where most of our people are located. This web site will help explain how, answer your questions and hopefully encourage you to come and see us in person. Have a look around our web site – there is a lot to see.

Please contact us if you have any other questions or would like to connect before coming to see us.