Thoughts about Christmas

It has begun at last for me. The Christmas season has entered my conscious awareness. Probably for most it has been a reality for some time. For me, however, it was something beyond all the things that were demanding my attention. My honours thesis and the wrapping up of the educational year at NTC completely consumed almost all my thoughts. So to think about something that was more distant, and less demanding of attention, was simply beyond me. But here I am, at the beginning of my holidays from work with nothing pressing for attention, and I find my spirit willingly entering the most wonderful season of the year.… Read more



The Truth about Faith

Next Thursday I graduate from my honours programme. My grade on my thesis was less than I had hoped, but realistically, looking at my last year I am comfortable with the result. I will receive an Honours IIA. The implication for that is that it is sufficient for me to apply to be accepted into a PhD programme. That was my goal when I started back into the educational process some five years ago.

I have been thinking about doing a PhD for more than twenty-five years. Life just always seemed to be in the way.… Read more

NewStart – A Better Tomorrow

The G20 is in Brisbane. The most powerful leaders in the world are gathered to look at a range of issues primarily, but not exclusively, economically related. The goal of the discussions comes down to producing ideas that will increase the quality of life around the globe. The issues being debated are important ones. The responses they seek to establish are built on the confidence that regardless of the many mistakes humanity has made through history there remains within us the answers for the future.

Humanity, at its worst, has perpetrated atrocities on a scale that is hard to imagine for most.… Read more

brisbane g20


A matter of Opinion

When I was young I found it terribly important to be right. I would argue about anything if I thought that my correct opinion was being challenged. I was pretty good at it too. At the very least I would win as much as I would lose, even if it was primarily because I simply out lasted the other. I am sure I still have a tendency toward being that way, but I have worked hard at moderating it. I have done so for a very good reason. I discovered a truth that changed my mind about arguing all the time.… Read more

Discovering Contentment

Allow me the privilege of continuing my story from last week. When I wrote last week I had the end of my Honours thesis in sight. I rose very early Monday morning, around 2:00 AM, to ensure that I would have it completed by the end of the day. Around 4:30, I had read and reread it so many times I decided to finally submit it. That process is done electronically. So by dinner time Monday night it was done and gone and I started thinking about my future no longer dominated by that seemingly endless process.… Read more