tylah's accident

Living Beyond Fear

tylah's accidentThis past week ended up being one of those weeks that you would rather not have. It started with a lot of rain. That makes my commute to work uncomfortable as I do the 45km trip on a motorcycle. Occasionally, if it is raining a lot, I will take one of our other vehicles. However, this week we had a car in for repairs and it was therefore not available to me. My wet weather gear keeps me dry for the most part but always a little water seeps in somewhere. It isn’t more than a discomfort but it is one of those situations that you would prefer you didn’t have to deal with. The rain, however, led to a bigger problem. On leaving the college, where I work, in the afternoon I ran into a newly created ditch. The impact of hitting the ditch twisted my front wheel in my hands and the bike hit the ground hard. The damage was for the most part superficial but the handlebars where twisted off centre by the force of the impact. Not a big deal, but it meant I had the inconvenience of riding the bike in an odd position until I could find time to get to the shop and have it straightened, another minor frustrating inconvenience.

The next day my youngest daughter was involved in a car accident of far greater significance and the car was written off. She was fortunately not hurt and that was the biggest concern by a long way, but now we have the frustration of dealing with the consequences of that situation. The financial cost of having a young driver at the wheel of the car means our budget is going to be impacted for a while. Again, this situation is far from the tragedy it could have been, but we sure wish it didn’t happen.

Yesterday morning I had coffee with my wife. We had a wonderful conversation. I was reminded during that time of how much I love my wife, and how glad I am that I have shared these almost 30 years with her. We have faced many such weeks across the years, weeks where our plans have changed, sometimes dramatically, in frustrating ways. But the one thing that is constant across all of those years is that love always finds a way of coming to the surface when you need it most. It is the constant that makes all the inconsistencies manageable and even insignificant.

If you want to hear the three most important lessons I have learned from almost 30 years of my marriage you can watch my video here:


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