New Years

Happy New Year

New Years

It’s a day like any other. The sun rises and sets in the usual way, and life goes on much the same as it has for a long time. But New Year’s Day marks a beginning; there is freshness and newness within the way we understand it. It requires a whole new calendar. It is the beginning of a new cycle and, for many it represents starting again. We can look back across a specified period of time, evaluate and course check if we desire. The truth is that we can do that at any time, and at any point on our calendar. However, on New Year’s Day we celebrate that we can do it, and we do it together.

I think we all like points of beginning. Those things in the past that we see as positive we can build on. Those things that speak of failure and disappointment we can let go off and start again. I love New Year’s Day for that reason. While I understand that there is nothing significant about the actual day that, in truth, marks it out from any other day, it does remind me of a central truth that is extremely important to me. Love is about giving the opportunity for starting over.

Love speaks into other’s lives the truth that there is hope. Love will always say you are not defined by your past – good or bad. Love says: “I believe in you and I want the best for your future.” Found in the very nature of love is the concepts of restoration and redemption. Love offers another way than those that would leave us bound to our past failures and fears. Love offers renewal.

When I say ‘Happy New Year” to a person it is my most profound desire that at the least I would be communicating that there is always hope, at the best I want to be saying: “Give me the privilege or supporting you as you walk toward your dreams.”

I have a bit more to say about this in my video so I invite you to check it out if you would so desire:


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