cyclone marcia damamge

Difficult Times

cyclone marcia damamgeAs cyclone Marcia bore down on Queensland there did not seem to be too much concern. After all it was only a category two. Still a category two cyclone can cause damage and it was watched fairly closely. It was headed in a direction that was further south than cyclones usually go and communities are less prepared for them. When it increased from a category two to five in under twenty-four hours, as it got closer to the coast, concern began to increase with each passing hour. The predicted track would take it past Yeppoon and from there it would head south toward Brisbane. As a category five it could go considerable damage to the coastal communities. In the end it tracked farther west than predicted and dropped intensity fairly quickly. The damage was contained and there was considerable relief as it could have been much worse. Relief from all those that were in the non-impacted category, that is. While that group was larger than what it could have been for those that had the homes and livelihood torn apart there was no relief at all.

We live in a world that is chaotic and uncontrolled. For many people having faith is a way of coping with the stress of such randomness. It boils down to the idea that God is in control and He is working out a plan. I have always struggled with that notion. The plain and simple truth is that such a perspective forces us to do something with the love of God that seems less than loving. We must assert that God’s love is as often about the bigger picture stuff and less about the individual. It is the idea of some being sacrificed for the greater good. While there may be a pragmatism associated with that it seems less like genuine love for the individual that is experiencing the pain, trauma and even tragedy.

God is love. Whatever God does or does not do it must be experienced as love or it is not love. That means God’s love must have meaning for the people that have been impacted by the trauma or Marcia. If it is not possible to find His love in the middle of this situation then His love is less than real love. That thought bothered me for a long time until I discovered perspective that changed everything. God is love, is always love and is nothing but love – and that gives hope for us all.
If you are interested in discovering how I came to a place where God could be understood as nothing but love in any and every situation have a look at my video found here:


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