Thought for the Week

Difficult Times

As cyclone Marcia bore down on Queensland there did not seem to be too much concern. After all it was only a category two. Still a category two cyclone can cause damage and it was watched fairly closely. It was headed in a direction that was further south than cyclones usually go and communities are less prepared for them. When it increased from a category two to five in under twenty-four hours, as it got closer to the coast, concern began to increase with each passing hour. The predicted track would take it past Yeppoon and from there it would head south toward Brisbane.… Read more

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tylah's accident

Living Beyond Fear

This past week ended up being one of those weeks that you would rather not have. It started with a lot of rain. That makes my commute to work uncomfortable as I do the 45km trip on a motorcycle. Occasionally, if it is raining a lot, I will take one of our other vehicles. However, this week we had a car in for repairs and it was therefore not available to me. My wet weather gear keeps me dry for the most part but always a little water seeps in somewhere.… Read more

The Journey Ahead

The NewStart journey has been a vital part of my life now for close to twenty years. It began with a conversation with an individual that became one of my closest friends, Brad Mercer, back in the mid 90’s. It began with a conversation about what the church might look like if it was built around the premise that the foundational element of its existence was the nature of God –love. That didn’t seem like a wild step to anyone until we started asking the question about what we might do to adequately reflect that in ways that looked less institutional and more organic.… Read more

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New Years

Happy New Year

It’s a day like any other. The sun rises and sets in the usual way, and life goes on much the same as it has for a long time. But New Year’s Day marks a beginning; there is freshness and newness within the way we understand it. It requires a whole new calendar. It is the beginning of a new cycle and, for many it represents starting again. We can look back across a specified period of time, evaluate and course check if we desire. The truth is that we can do that at any time, and at any point on our calendar.… Read more

Thoughts about Christmas II

Living in a world of instant access to events and circumstances being played out around the globe creates for all of us, from time to time, a sense of being overwhelmed by tragedy and injustice. As we witnessed the live coverage of the atrocities in Martin Place, Sydney few were left without a sense of helplessness and, for some, hopelessness. As we watched we were aware that individuals, living out their normal day, had encountered an uncontrolled evil. The end was that our fears were realised and emotions validated. We were helpless to respond, and for the families of the victims their hopes were meaningless.… Read more