Thought for the Week

Family Resemblance

Many years ago my wife and I, and our youngest daughter, Tylah, went to see Brisbane’s annual fireworks display. It is quite spectacular and more than 250,000 people gather to watch it. For that reason I went early. My wife and Tylah were supposed to arrive just before it started, but a phone call right as they commenced let me know they were having difficulty getting through the crowd. When the show was complete I went looking for them, only to discover my wife distressed because Tylah had gone missing. There were security, police and strangers out looking for her.… Read more

From the Garden

It was a perfect place, filled with perfect beauty, and inhabited with perfect people, two of them. That is the picture that we have of the beginning of humanity. We gain that picture from story of Adam and Eve in Genesis. There is a flow to the story. It starts with this concept of the perfect scenario, inhabited by perfect people. Into this perfection comes the presence of evil. Humanity, in the form of Eve first and then Adam, accept the lies of the evil one and “fall”. They are removed from the garden – condemned to live out the rest of their existence in the guilt that resulted from their sin.… Read more

The Beginning of Shame

There was a time in my teen years where I became convinced that if the ground was to open up in the form of a hole and I was to disappear into it, there would be very little notice or concern. I just didn’t matter that much to anyone. As I got older I had other experiences that seemed to build upon this sense. There were moments that I could imagine how people got to the place of taking their own live. It seemed that this sense of worthlessness was simply eating away at every fibre of my being.… Read more

Aristotle, Psychology and the Good Life

For the greatest part of the historical development of humanity we have had a preoccupation with that which gives life significance. Aristotle, as far back as 350BC, understood this pursuit in terms of question “how should we live?” The answer to this was that people should distance themselves from seeing happiness and fulfilment in the simple gaining of pleasure or of avoiding pain. The best way to live was to pursue the highest values and to live in accordance with them. It was in this concept that he saw what he called the “good life”.… Read more

The Beginning

It has been quite a few months since I last wrote a “Thought for the Week.” The fact is that I went through a period where it became difficult to find the time to write as a result of full weekends. After that I felt like a break might do me good, and freshen my thoughts. After a few weeks it became increasingly easier to find other things to fill my time. For those that were regular watchers or readers, and there aren’t many I must admit, my apologies.… Read more