Our Vision

We see a church moved to change the world through the empowering of God’s love, filling every fiber of our being and enabling us to stand in His presence pure and holy.

We see a church that develops genuinely life-changing relationships through small groups, accountability, worship and a plan to develop followers of Christ through honesty and vulnerability. Such a church will be a genuine community.

We see a church that leads people into a fresh encounter with God through worship that reflects our love for Him both creatively and compellingly.

We see a church totally committed to being evangelistic — evangelism not as an activity of the church but as a core value that flows naturally from all we do as the church.

We see a church growing so rapidly and ultimately so vast in number that it becomes a model to others and a challenge to the nation.

We see a church so interwoven with the presence of God and the power of perfect love that healing from the hurts of life becomes a daily reality.

We see a church that is not the product of the mind of one individual, but the reflection of the spiritual journey and victories of the many. Here is a church that will constantly live out the biblical mandate for the development of the whole body, achieved by gifted leaders for the purpose of building the church numerically and qualitatively.

We see a church truly comfortable with the biblical expression of spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are the unique enabling that each individual has to maximize his/her potential in Christ.

We see a church committed to developing leaders.