Our Values

Value 1: Understanding Perfect Love:
Perfect love is the essence of the gospel and the heart of God.  It is the central theme of all of God’s activities with man.  It is in a relationship of complete union with Him that perfect love is made possible within human existence.
Our church must call all into a relationship with Christ that will give expression to all that God desires to do in the human heart.

Value  2: A Vision to change the world:
The message of perfect love, lived out in a life of holiness, has always drawn people together around a dream to change the world.  We believe that love demands we live in such a way that individually our lives are a part of that dream.  As a local church we will do all within our power to be part of the world wide dream of the Church of the Nazarene to bring the message of love and hope to all.

Value 3: God’s grace brings emotional and relational healing:
Progressive sanctification is the activity of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer bringing about healing from the hurts of life. Every individual has suffered emotional pain in life. That pain reduces our capacity to relate to one another and reach our potential in Christ unless we allow the grace of God to effect healing at the point of our pain. We believe that surrendering to the Holy Spirit means trusting Him with the process He takes us through to affect that healing.

Value 4: To be a body of believers committed to prayer:
We believe that God moves in response to prayer. Prayer is not a method of getting God to do what we want. We do not believe that secret formulas exist that, if perfected, will guarantee success and prosperity. We do, however, believe that God can and will do the miraculous. He will rescue us; empower us; provide for us and move, through His Holy Spirit, in response to our faithfulness in prayer. We will be a people who will not take prayer lightly but will respond to the challenge to pray frequently and with purpose, as individuals, in small groups, and as a congregation. The priority we give to prayer will determine our future.

Value 5: God’s love touches others through our spiritual gifts:
We believe that God has called His people to the task of ministering His love. It is not the exclusive privilege of an educated professional clergy to be called, equipped and released for ministry. There is no distinction between clergy and laity when it comes to potential for ministry. God uniquely blesses each individual with personality and experience. This becomes the fertile soil into which His Holy Spirit places His spiritual gifts. This blend creates passions within a person for specific ministry that, if released, will touch lives with love and enhance the capacity of the church to fulfill its call.

Value 6: God’s love will work through His people to bring others to Himself :
The essence of the gospel is God’s love touching humanity. We believe that when it really touches us, it touches so powerfully that it rushes through us and touches the people around us. Evangelism is not the practice of convincing others that Christianity is a superior religion. It is, in fact, simply the outflow of being united together with a loving God through the power of His Holy Spirit. That power will touch others’ lives and bring people to God. The church evidences that love by having confidence in its life changing reality, by being convinced, to the point of radical optimism, of their role in touching the world, and by always being ready to declare the reason for the hope that we have in a way that is unique and fitting to each individual.

Value 7: God’s love draws us to each other:
The church exists for one purpose – the glory of God. That end is achieved only as individuals become all that God can make them. To be less than our best does not honour His Name. Our best can only be achieved as we rally together inspiring each other to experience God at all points in our lives. Such inspiration does not take place primarily in large anonymous groups but where we can know each other intimately, see each other at our worst and help each other to be the best. As a church we can only become what God has called us to become as we prioritize the need to meet in small groups. Those groups, to be effective, will hold each member accountable for the application of the transforming grace of God.