Our Mission

“To create an active community of Christian faith on the north side of Brisbane.”


Our mission has six components:


We will worship God creatively together in our public setting and individually by the way we live our lives.

Touching others:

We will make known the good news of God’s love as it is revealed in Christ to those who may have not heard or misunderstood.


We believe in believing in each other. Our desire is to create a safe place of rich relationships where we can become the very best people we can be.


We desire to continually develop our understanding of the love of God and allow that to shape our lives.

Acts of love:

We believe our church should be known as a people who genuinely care and put actions to that idea.


We are a people who long to live lives that reflect God’s love – that is holiness. There is nothing in this world as important as that. We want him to change us within so we can adequately do just that.