About Us

dove-blueNewStart Rivercity is a small gathering of God’s church on the north side of Brisbane. We have a desire to embrace the lives of people in hopes of helping them to enjoy the very best of life with God and community.

We are a Christian church. We take the claims of Christ seriously and the one thing He was focused most on was His love for us. We believe God’s love, as demonstrated in Jesus the Christ, can change our lives for the better.  That change, however, isn’t brought about primarily through the acceptance of certain belief systems or doing certain things right. It comes about by a very personal discovery of the validity of Jesus’ claim. It comes through a relational journey with God and people toward finding the freedom offered by God through Jesus.

We believe that to know God is to discover joy, peace, happiness and love like we never thought was possible. We aren’t committed to trying to convince people of certain beliefs but of loving people until they know the incredible worth they possess. God has placed within ALL people wonderful potentials and passions that are rooted in God’s love for humanity. Therefore we accept people no matter how they look or what they think just as God loves all people without discrimination or exclusion. That means being safe for people, not condemning them or trying to control them just as God’s grace eternally offers a safe space for freely chosen relationships. It also means walking together through life’s ups and downs and finding out how truly wonderful that process can be just as God is committed to journeying with ALL people through gladness and sadness never willing to give up in God’s offering of love, grace, joy, and transformation.

We are a growing group of mates. We have all lived life. We’ve experienced tragedy and joy, happiness and heartbreak, fear and hope. We know what it is to be lonely, ashamed, tired, despairing.  We’ve known times in our lives of fabulous victory and dreams realised, and we’ve lived through times when we have gritted our teeth and held on for grim death.

We are all very different people; old and young, successful and struggling, managers, business owners, retirees, employees, students, travellers and “stay at homers”.

We are a people with a dream that we can play a part in making the world a better place. A place filled with the grace of God lived out in love, hope and acceptance.

We have a Biblical and Wesleyan understanding of God. Both of which shape our beliefs and the ways we express the Kingdom of God with our lives. Our primary mission in life is to help people understand and experience God’s love and presence.